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                中文版   |   ENGLISH
                   Prior to treatment works
                   Auto painting project
                   Construction machinery and transport equipment
                   Electro-painting Equipments
                   Waste Gas Absorption Equipment with Active Carbon
                   Catalytic Combustion
                   Sevage Treatment Device
                   Ful/Gas—Integral Heating Plant
                   Options and other


                HOME >COMPANY PROFILES
                Wuxi Weilong Coating Machinery Co.,Ltd(formerly named Wuxi Red Flag Paint Dryers Plant)was founded in 1972. Located near the picturesque Taihu Lake and ancientGrand Canal,it boasts convenient convenient communications.It is one of earlier professional manufacturers of complete coating systems in China.Now it has developed to be a compre- hensive enterprise providing surface treatment, design,production,installation and commissioning of coating equip-ments

                It has offered various coating systems of different specifications to hundreds of large and medium-size enterprises in China and packaged service to domestic and foreign enterprises.Furthermore it is cooperating with design institutes technically to keep in step with international trend .Weilong is able to design and make surface coating equipments upon customers'demands so that it increases customer group and wins satisfactory social and econmic benefits.

                We have provided large preparation equipments,negative(positive)electro-coating equipments,coating machines, liquid-coating lines,powder coating lines and other machines for customers in the traffic,engineering machinery,agricul- tural machines, home appliances and packing industries for several years.

                We persist in the principle-Take people as foremost,make technical innovations and regard customers as supreme.Keep the constant mission and sincere service.Best design ,production and service warrant the advance- ment,high efficiency and scientific of coating projects and products.

                Wuxi Weilong will support you continually for mutual success and prosperity.
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